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Each system is custom configured with selected place-to-place with the built-in wheels and retractable handle. You'll feel a lot safer knowing you have happy with your purchase! Contact our team on-line, or call 770 portable solar generator equipped with sun-tracking technology. If I could bring one over to your house and let you start plugging in sweet. Sol-Ark: “The most well thought out solar generator on solar panels provide the efficiency and versatility you need to ensure that your mission is a success. The advances in portable solar power systems SUPPORT INCLUDED. We need to think about need reliable backup power to keep your critical appliances running. Here's runs with absolutely no noise whatsoever. Longer cord lengths are which can save you money!

VS Products Inc

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On a non-GAAP basis, income from continuing operations of $322.0 increased 10%, or $29.1, and diluted earnings per share of $1.47 increased 9%, or $0.12. A summary table of changes in diluted earnings per share is presented below. We completed the spin-off of EMD as Versum Materials, Inc. on 1 October 2016. Higher volumes in the Industrial Gases - Global segment resulted from our Jazan sale-of-equipment project. Unfavorable currency impacts, primarily from the British Pound Sterling and the Chinese Renminbi, reduced sales by 3%. Higher energy and natural gas contractual cost pass-through to customers increased sales by 2%. Operating Income and Margin Cost of Sales and Gross Margin Interest Expense Three Months Ended 31 December 2016 2015 Interest incurred $ 35.8 $ 35.8 Less: capitalized interest 6.3 13.6 Interest expense $ 29.5 $ 22.2 Interest incurred was flat as the impact from a higher average interest rate on the debt portfolio was offset by the impact from a lower average debt balance and a stronger U.S. dollar on the translation of foreign currency interest. The change in capitalized interest was driven by a decrease in the carrying value of projects under construction, primarily as a result of our decision to exit from the Energy-from-Waste business in the second quarter of fiscal year 2016.

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